About Us

About Us

The South African Bakers Association was incorporated as a Non-Profit Company on 1st September 2016 by a group of like-minded professionals in the Baking Industry. There is a board of Directors consisting of Dave Collier, Henri Lebon and Tim Faull who are responsible for the overall running of the Association. This team is supported by a group of regional volunteers who assist with the day to day management, and we are always looking for new volunteers.

Mission Statement

To be an Association that welcomes all Bakers and Confectioners from every part of the Industry, as Members, as well as encourages the support of all Industry Stakeholders.

To determine the Recognized Skill Levels and Job Descriptions for the Baking and Confectionery Industry

To encourage and support Training Providers to develop Learning Systems that talk to a World Class Baking and Confectionery Skills Development System as well as the Recognised Skill Levels of the Association.

To organize and run Skills Competitions and other Social Activities to promote the advancement of Baking Skills in South Africa.

To operate a range of Social Media services that will offer benefits to all of the Association Members; such as a Job Opportunities page, a Technical and Business Help and Support page, and an E-Learning portal.

To engage in a wide range of Social Responsibility Programs to benefit the communities that we live in, with various charitable activities.

At the first Exco meeting on the 11th April Dave was elected Founding President and both Henri and Tim were elected Vice-Presidents; Henri for Marketing and Tim for Training