Good Morning Everyone


And go the Bokke !

To Henri, my Vice President

To our Special Guests (we will get to them later, including the (mainly Gorgeous) paparazzi)

To our representative from the Eastern Cape Master Baker Johan Vorster (who flew up last night just to see us (and his JHB Drinking Buddies) Hopefully you are with us

And of course, Mainly to You, ALL OF YOU (Round of Applause)

All our Members, Guests and our wonderful Sponsors who are here on their weekend with us. Hopefully we can give you all a great day!


This day has become SA Bakers Day. We get together and do our business and then have fun once a year. Way before the silly season

My wish is for you all today is to have as much fun as you can. Eat as much as you want, drink well…. Within reason, and most of all

Meet new friends who are engaged in some way or another in our wonderful Industry.

I am a Baker, and proud of it, and all of you that have special skills, be it in moulding dough, making cupcakes, icing wedding cakes or making chocolate; we all must stand up and be proud of your craft

This is what the SA Bakers Association was founded for, and this is what we stand for.

We are a family of like-minded people who will continue to grow our Association bigger and better

I am also a businessman

In business I have often found that the third year of a project has the most challenges.

Year 1 everyone is highly enthusiastic and full of energy and ideas.

Year 2 is when all the ideas are bedded down and put into “processes”

And then Year 3 comes along and everyone must knuckle down to hard work and not all the objectives are achieved

This is how I feel about this 2018 / 2019 year for SA Bakers

Don’t get me wrong, we have grown in numbers and in wealth as I will expand on shortly, as well as held or participated in several events to demonstrate what we are about and to serve the SA Baking industry.

But I feel like we could have done more!

The reason that I say this is that we have not been able to achieve one of the goals that I set out for us as a Board last year, which was to recruit at least two new Board members, as well as grow our volunteer base, which we have failed to do.

It is hard work running a volunteer organization, especially when we all have full time jobs, and I have had the added challenge this year of both my fellow Directors facing some tough challenges in their own p lives

If it wasn’t for our Sponsors, it would have been MUCH tougher.

Sorry Guys I am not going to name all of you now. We honoured you last year and you know who you are but thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done in every event and especially for your support today.

I would however like to ask you to help us with resources to grow. The Chefs Association, with 9000 Members and Millions in the bank was started and supported by its industry partners and sponsors. We need you. Thank You

Moving on let’s turn to our success in 2018 / 19 most of which I did highlight at the AGM which the some of you have just attended

Our membership has risen from 166 to 199, which means the Membership Department did not work hard enough (that’s me by the way) but was still 20% up

I could do with some help here

Our income rose from 84 000 to 102 000 or 21% so well done the finance department (oh that’s me) and of course the sponsorship department (that’s Henri and me)

We were also disappointed by the lack of interest in our Baking Competition that was launched last years, so we postponed it and Henri will let you know all about it after I have finished speaking

However, we did have many positives…

Early in the year the Qualifications Counsel for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) engaged with us to try and restart the Baking Qualifications Development.

I am pleased to announce that with the help of SPAR, PICK and PAY, CHECKERS, RCL and Chipkins Puratos we should soon have a registered Short course in Baking 101 very soon (and no SETA’s)

I was honoured to be invited by Chipkins Puratos (one of our first Sponsors) to attend the Taste of Tomorrow Convention in Barcelona this year in May. I was invited with many of the top Bakery Industry leaders in Europe and the Middle East to see what the latest research that Puratos conducted worldwide shows about current and emerging trends in our Industry

Following this we decided to re-energize the Baking Competition (Details following with Henri), and we held Social Meetings in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape to promote the event)

There was a lot of interest in our plans and Industry felt that we have made the idea of entering a competition a lot simpler, so hopefully the competition will work in 2020

On the Social front we had the 3rd (and most successful) SA Bakers Golf Day last week on the 1st of October and raised over R10 000 towards our Baker Development fund, that is sitting at almost R20000 thanks to the Golfers!

We have also grown Membership and Sponsorship and followers on Social Media to almost 3500 followers, which we now need to convert to Members

What we really need now to drive this Organization from a baby to a teenager is maximum exposure to all parts of the food industry, as well as volunteers to make it work.

Please don’t tell the Chefs, but the Baking Industry is many times larger than the Hospitality Industry, and yet there are 9000 members of SA Chefs (our Big Brother) and we are just getting going (with 200 Members)

Although apparently, they had 12 members for a few years and we already have 200

I still need those volunteers

I would like to appeal to you today to get involved

Thank You Everyone