Bakers arriving in SA Formalizing of commercial bakeries Establishment of the SA Chamber of Baking Regulation (The Wheat Board) De-regulation (1991) Free for all No Training .

Post 1994

Reduction of “European” influence No Skills training until 1999 Private Training Schools Skills Development Act 1999 Emergence of SETA’s and NQF Qualifications Bakery Qualifications Lack of Deliverence

Involvement of SACoB

SACoB Training Committee Mix between Plant Bakers and Craft Bakers Involvement with SETA No power to drive training and skills development Looking at SA Chefs for guidance

SA Bakers Association CBCASA 2005 / 2006

  • 18th July 2006
  • The Facebook Page
  • Inauguration of SA Bakers Association (01.09.16)
  • New Constitution

SABA Constitution

  • Established by the founding Directore 2016
  • Adopted by the 1st AGM October 2017
  • About to be revised to comply with new SA Company rules for Nor Profit Companies
  • Aligning with SA Chefs


“To become the recognized Professional Body for all Bakers and Confectioners of the Republic of South Africa.”
  • Represent all areas of the Baking Industry for the individual working in it
  • Not a Union
  • An Association that will assist all members in accessing whatever Information they require
“To be an Association that welcomes all Bakers and Confectioners from every part of the Industry, as Members, as well as encourages the support of all Industry Stakeholders.”
  • To build a fraternity, or brother / sisterhood of people who have the same goals and aims, and who are Passionate about our Craft
  • To push suppliers and other providers to honour and respect our Craft and to get involved in improving it perception
“To determine the Recognized Skill Levels and Job Descriptions for the Baking and Confectionery Industry” 
  • We have the Technical understanding to decide what South Africa needs in terms of Training and Skills Development
  • We are planning to build a Skills Matrix that identifies, defines and manages the skills requirements for the SA (and possibly Southern African) Baking Industry
“To encourage and support Training Providers to develop Learning Systems that talk to a World Class Baking and Confectionery Skills Development System as well as the Recognised Skill Levels of the Association.”
  • Identify Training Providers
  • Endorse Short Courses that match the SA Bakers Skills Matrix
  • Drive Skills Training
“To organize and run Skills Competitions and other Social Activities to promote the advancement of Baking Skills in South Africa.”
  • Start Baking Skills Competitions in all Exhibitions
  • Run a “Baker and / or Confectioner of the Year Competition
  • Build an International SA Team to Compete worldwide
  • Promote Excellence in all areas of Baking and Confectionary
“To operate a range of Social Media services that will offer benefits to all of the Association Members; such as a Job Vacancies page, a Technical and Business Help and Support page, and an E-Learning portal.”
  • The Facebook Page
  • The Website
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
“To engage in a wide range of Social Responsibility Programs to benefit the communities that we live in, with various charitable activities.”
  • The Christmas Initiative
  • The Golf Days
  • Regional Objectives

Current Structure

  • 3 Directors
  • Non-Executive Committee consisting of volunteers
  • Planned Changes for FY 2019
  • 5 Directors
  • Larger Group of Volunteers
  • Establishment of Regional Committees


  • Anchor Yeast
  • Beyers Chocolates
  • Chipkins Puratos
  • HTA
  • Mac Brothers
  • Maestro Chef
  • PVG
  • RCL Foods
  • Romax Bakery
  • SA Chefs Association
  • SA Chamber of Baking
  • South Bakels
  • Tombake

SA Bakers Association

Tim Faull
Dave Collier
Henri Lebon
With over 120 Years of Baking!