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The SA’s BEST BAKER Competition 2020

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Rules and regulations for the BEST BAKER Competition 2020


The SA Bakers Association tried to launch a Best Baker Competition at the beginning of 2019 based on a strict set of criteria laid down by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) that hosts the world “Baker of the Year Competition every three years at IBA.

Unfortunately, the criteria that was required proved too much for the average South African baker, and the competition was therefore postponed until 2020 to give us a chance to simplify the entry criteria and rules and personalize them to South Africa.


The SA Bakers Association would like to find the best baker in South Africa in the Craft Baking fermented dough category and we are therefore proud to announce the launching of SA’s BEST BAKER Competition for 2020.

We would like to highlight the high level of skills that exist in our Craft Baking Industry to both the General Public and to the SA Baking Industry.

The event will be given extensive publicity via press and multiple social media platforms.


The theme for the SA’s BEST BAKER Competition is “Proudly South African” and additional points can be earned for promoting South African traditional baked products. 

Admission requirements

All entrants must be South African residents and must be employed or self-employed in the SA Baking Industry

Competition schedule

The Competition will be separated in to three parts.

  • The Regional Competition
  • The Bake-Offs
  • The National Finals

The Regional Competitions

This will entail each entrant submitting the required products to a regional judging panel that will judge the products to a set of required standards. The top 6 competitors in each region will go through to a bake off. This first round should be completed April 2020

The Bake-Offs

The top 6 competitors in each region will spend a day baking off their submitted products at a regional baking center. The winner will go through to the finals. This regional bake off should take place during April, May and June 2020

The National Final

The winners of the Regional Bake-Offs will face up against each other in a National Final bake-off. This will be held in July / August 2020 at an event / exhibition still to be decided

If you are selected to compete in the National Finals, you will be required to attend a two-day event at a destination (to be confirmed) and bake all of your products and compete against the other finalists.

All raw materials, uniforms, travel and accommodation for the Bake-Offs and the National Finals will be supplied by the SA Bakers Association and SA’’s BEST BAKER Sponsors

The Product Range for the Competition

  • A Speciality Bread of your choice
  • A Sweet Dough Product of your choice

Winners and Awards

All entrants to SA’s BEST BAKER that reach the Regional Bake-Off stage will receive Certificate of Participation as well as recognition in the Social Media.

All finalists will receive a range of fantastic prizes from our sponsors as well as the following cash prizes

The Winner:       R10 000

1st Runner Up:   R5 000

2nd Runner Up:  R2 500


Rules and Regulations

The SA’s Best Baker Competition has officially been relaunched. All entrants we need to get their entry in by the end of March 2020.

The revised Rules and Regulations as well as the entry forms will be available on the SA Bakers Association’s website from August 2019 or from the sales teams of the various sponsors.

For any queries please do not hesitate to e-mail

SA’s Best Baker 2020 Entry Form