The South African Bakers Association NPC
Co. Reg. No. 2016/368923/08

Minutes of the 3rd Annual General Meeting of the South African Bakers Association
Held at HTA School of Culinary Art, 128 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg, Gauteng
At 09.00 on Saturday 23th October 2019
The AGM was opened by Master of Ceremonies Glenn McGinn

Apologies were noted for the following Professional Members

Tim Faull, Stuart McClarty, William Kleyweg and Colin Hardy

According to the Memorandum of Incorporation Adopted 13th October 2018 there needs to a minimum of 2% of Professional Members present to form a quorum. As there are 12 Professional Members (out of 66) the meeting is declared valid

2018 AGM

The Founding President Dave Collier reported back on the 2018 AGM. There had been 23 Professional Members present and the following Resolutions were passed:

Directors Resolution 1/2018 declared at as there were no further Directors registered the three Directors resolved to maintain their Director status and Positions for the next two years (this was ratified by the Members present)

General Resolution 1/2018 unanimously adopted the new Articles of Incorporation and Business Rules that were updated to meet the requirements of The Company Act and replace the founding Constitution used in setting up the Non Profit Company.

General Resolution 2/2018 unanimously adopted the Financial Statements Presented from FY2017 and FY2018

The Income for FY 2018 was R84 560 with Expenses of R35 630 and Retained Income of R48929


It was noted that there are currently 66 Professional Members, 79 General Members, 18 Student Members, 36 Associate Members (including sponsors) Total 199 which is 20% increase on last year and more effort needs to go in to attracting new Membership in 2020.

General Resolution 1/2019

The President summarized the financial performance of SA Bakers

Income R101 800 (+20%)

Expenditure R35 630 (+108%)

Retained Income R27 712 (-43%)

The President confirmed that the Annual Financial FY2019 had been received by all Professional Members after circulation via e-mail on the 8th October 2019.

It was requested that the members pass the following General Resolution

This General Resolution 1/2019 adopts the Annual Financial Statements of the SA Bakers association for the Financial Year 2019.

This resolution was passed unanimously

Regional Reports

The President noted that there had been Social meetings in both Durban and Cape Town and a few members had joined, however again the greatest success was in Port Elizabeth where the group has maintained its membership. The President welcomed their Regional Representative Johan Vorster to the AGM and congratulated him.


The President highlighted the need for further growth in all of the following areas:

Membership, sponsorship, social events, participation in selected exhibitions, as well as new Directors with new ideas.

He also highlighted the need for the commencement of Baking Competitions around the country and the implementation accredited skills programs

2020 AGM

It was agreed to hold the 2020 AGM in Johannesburg provisionally on Saturday 10th October


With all business complete the AGM was closed at 09.35

PO Box 1609, Dowerglen, 1612 Tel. No. 082-929-6017

Executive Directors: D Collier (President) T. Faull (Vice-President, Training) H. Lebon (Vice President, Marketing)